What We Believe

We Believe that we are here to…

Love God

We believe that to love God with all your heart, soul and mind is the most fulfilling and intimate relationship any believer can attain to. As a result of that relationship we believe that the ongoing pursuit of full devotion to Jesus Christ should be the desire of every believer.

This core value includes that we are:

A worshipping church

A generous church

A praying church

A Spirit filed church

A Bible based church

Love People

We believe that all people are loved by God and therefore must be valued and loved by those of His church. We are therefore committed to caring for individuals outside our church as well as those who already belong to our church.

This core value includes that we are:

An evangelistic church

A mission church

A serving church

An inclusive church

A friendly church

Love Life

We believe that the Christian life is the most rewarding, fulfilling and successful life you can lead.

This core value includes that we are:

A church of integrity

A church of excellence

A committed church

A teachable church

Our beliefs are in line with the beliefs of the ACC. For more detailed information refer to the ACC website.

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